What We do

3R is a Project Management company based in New York, USA we operate in the commercial field for real estate management and facility services.

An Universe of Possibilities for Your Management

The company assist its clients throughout all the phases of the project from the construction/ renovation of a building, marketing and rental process until completion of the project setting up the management of the facility and the tenants efficiently and productively.
The objective is to ensure that the overall project direction and goal adequately meet with the challenges, logistics, time frames and budget.

Investment Returning

In a short/medium-term horizon, in order to take advantage from the expertise developed, the company wants, to make a direct investment in a building in New York to be able to manage it directly.
The Building Project will be developed during the 2nd or 3rd year of life of the company.
The time horizon, expected returns and knowledge are the factors included in a high-risk investment where the company as investor is expecting a huge and fast return. The operation will produce work in the USA during the development of the project.

To achieve all the goals of the company, over the last few months, has:

  • defined the company strategy;
  • identified and contacted some potential clients;
  • initiated the process of identification of the building in which to invest.

Our Projects & Managements

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